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What technology can bring to cytotoxic drugs compounding

Cytotoxic drugs compounding is one of the most risky activity among all pharmaceutical operations in a Pharmacy. This has led pharmacists to multiply check points at each critical step and in-process controls to keep that risk at the lowest, as reported in numerous publications. What can technology bring in terms of safety, speed, convenience, and reliability in such complex environments ? Three exemples will be discussed in this webinar: CSTDs, IV workflow management system with IA technology and video recording, and robotic compounding.
And if you are addicted to serious games, come and see how you can increase your competencies while training in immersive virtual reality in a real cytotoxic drugs compounding environment

-Jacqueline Surugue, Chair of the FIP Pharmaceutical Technology Forum, Immediate past FIP Vice President and Liaison Officer for the African Region
Hospital Pharmacist, Hospital Practitioner, Centre Hospitalier Georges Renon, Niort, France
-Josep M. Guiu Segura, HPS ExCo, Head of pharmaceutical planning and pharmacotherapy coordination Consortium of Health and Social Care of Catalonia, Spain

-Benoit Le Franc, Pharmacist Pharmacien hospitalier gérant PUI GHLRRA-co-fondateur chez EUREKAM SAS-inventeur Drugcam, France
-Agnés Bobay-Madic, Pharmacist Centre Hospitalier Robert Bisson, Lisieux, France
-Mirjam Crul, Pharmacist, Board Member, European Cancer Organisation, Special Network on the impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Co-Chair and workforce Network Co-Chair, The Netherlands
Shao-Chin Chiang, Pharmacist Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Centre, Taiwan

2021年11月9日 01:00 下午  阿姆斯特丹、柏林、羅馬、斯德哥爾摩、維也納




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