It is with great sadness that we must announce the death of our President Dominique Jordan today, following a period of ill health. A Swiss community pharmacist, Dominique became a member of FIP 20 years ago. In his home country, his actions to advance pharmacy included roles as president and CEO, concurrently, of pharmaSuisse – Schweizerischer Apothekerverband (the Swiss association of pharmacists). In 2018, Dominique was elected president of FIP. Before that, he served the federation and global pharmacy as chair of the Board of Pharmaceutical Practice (2014-2018). Dominique was an exceptional advocate for our pharmacy profession and dedicated to advancing pharmacy in every country. He was convinced that FIP was the platform by which this could be achieved. During his presidency, he led our federation through the global crisis of COVID-19 and introduced the vision of “One FIP”, which resulted in greater collaboration between the many constituencies within our organisation and increased engagement with our members. We are grateful for Dominique’s dynamic and strong leadership, particularly during challenging times and especially during his months of ill health. Our deepest condolences and prayers go to his loved ones.

In accordance with the FIP Statutes, president-elect Paul Sinclair will now be performing the duties of president.

FIP will be compiling a book of tributes to Dominique and will provide details in due course.

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