[:en]Two weeks ago, the 4th Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) International Training programmer hosted by FAPA Foundation had officially ended. The current President of FAPA (Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations), Mr. Joseph Wang, who has long been participated in the pharmaceutical international affairs for almost three decades, initiates the training programmer. Moreover, Joseph is also the founder of FAPA Foundation, which is an independent organization that supports FAPA’s activities, referring the training and culturing of pharmacy professional development.
Joseph points out that the idea of designing this training programmer was origin from the fact that the pharmacy profession in Asia countries are much more diverse then the western countries. Besides adopting the Good Pharmacy Practice Guideline created by FIP and World Health Organization (WHO), he also contemplated on what is the right model for pharmacy profession in Asia countries. As a result, together with Taipei Veterans General Hospital, he launched the training programmer based in Taipei, Taiwan. Provide the travel grants scholarships for Asian pharmacists, ensuring the outcome.
The current training programmer has been renovated for almost every year since it started, because we received so many feedbacks from our participants, altogether with pharmacists and pharmacy students. But, the concept remains the same: introducing Good Pharmacy Practice and demonstrated by the actual practice in Taiwan hospitals. However, after yearly trainings, we found that sharing of how Taiwan has come all the way to the current status is far more important than just providing a perfect example of what it is. It’s a wonderful journey of learning from teaching! For this year (2014), we used a well-defined structure of teaching, starting from world standard of Good Pharmacy Practice, introducing of current regulations, the history background of Taiwan and its all the way development to what is it nowadays, and the real practice introduction in the hospital, with onsite visits to see what’s happening in the real world.
I would believe that an annual event is feasible but for training programmer to be sustainable and still maintained well is relatively rare, let alone that the GPP International training programmer made its 4th year. Furthermore, GPP International Training programmer not only brought pharmacists and pharmacy students to Taiwan for the past four years, it is going oversea! If fast enough, at the end of year 2014; if not, maybe in early 2015, the first GPP International Oversea Training Programme will bring our speakers/lecturers/experts to the countries that have the needs that the programmer can just be tailored made to fulfill such needs.

For more information please see our reference.
Reference: https://sites.google.com/site/fapafoundationwebsite/[:]



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