Similar cultural backgrounds and a common language has enabled pharmaceutical trade communication between Taiwan and China. Ensuring pharmaceutical quality is not only the basis of public health, but also determines the future development of countries.

On May 7th 2016, the 2016 Regulations of Cross-strait Pharmaceutical Trade Conference recognized the contributions of Mei-Ling Hsiao  the former Deputy Director Ministry of Health and Welfare , Jaw-Jou Kang, the former Director of Taiwan Food and Drug Administration, Chao-Yi Wang, the Supervisor responsible for pharmaceuticals at the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration, Prof. Chien-Te Fang, Director of Institute of Law for Science and Technology at Taiwan National Tsing Hua University, Jason C. Hsu, the Principal of the Regulations of Cross-strait Pharmaceutical Trade Conference. All of those mentioned played significant roles in the conference by sharing their professional experience and improving Cross-strait pharmaceutical trade relations.


During the conference a Chinese expert shared his concerns that professional reviews are inadequate resulting in many social problems. Chenguang Wang, a professor at China Tsinghua University Law School, said China will execute reforms in national policies to improve public healthcare. Wen Chang, Vice President of Generic Medicine Group of China Quality Association for Pharmaceuticals, pointed out the chance of cooperation between China and Taiwan in the development of drugs. Prof. Yang Yue from Shengyang Pharmaceutical University of Business Administration and Dean Prof. Shao Rong from the Research Center of National Drug Policy & Ecosystem and China Pharmaceutical University, both mentioned the difficulties in policy implementation in China. Furthermore, Xuliu Cai, the President of Beijing Jingwei Chuanqi Medicine Service Co. Ltd, not only pointed out problems, but also shared possible solutions.

Overall the conference allowed positive cross-strait interaction and growth. As Prof Kang mentioned, cross-strait communication must be reflect balanced development and not one-dimensional growth.



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