Today many people look to the Internet for information on medicines and its side effects. Li Meijuan, a pharmacist from Chi Mei Medical Center gave an example of conflicting information that she had seen, one being that Vitamin E may increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke and the other that Vitamin E can reduce the incidence of stroke. Vitamin in fact is an essential nutrient. The daily recommended daily intake is 12-15 mg.

Li Meijuan believes that in the era of information overload, particularly on the Internet, people can come across information that is misleading or incorrect. This could potentially result in detrimental effects on health.

Chi Mei Medical Center pointed out that health professionals are important in providing accurate information. They are an important link between quality information and patients. Patients are encouraged to contact pharmacists by phone, email or other means when they have a query. Li Meijuan said that pharmacists base their answers on personal clinical experience and current medical information to provide the most appropriate treatment recommendations for each patient’s condition.





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