Aggression in pharmacies

This year Düsseldorf will host the 2015 World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and we are pleased to put our third speaker spotlight on Bruce Eschaya-Chauvin.

Violence in pharmacies is on the increase.

Bruce Eschaya-Chauvin, medical advisor to the International Committee of the Red Cross Health Care in Danger project, is a physician with broad experience in international public health and humanitarian action. He is the former head of the ICRC heath division and head of the health department of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. He has been medical advisor to the Health Care in Danger project since 2012.

At the congress he will speak on the subject of violence against pharmacies. We asked Dr. Eschaya-Chauvin about what he hopes pharmacists will take away from his lecture. He explains: “In conflicts and emergencies, all healthcare providers face the same types of problem, therefore we need to join forces to respond efficiently. Ethical principles prepared by FIP and other institutions like the World Medical Association, the International Council of Nurses and the International Committee on Military Medicine need to be implemented and the recommendations coming out of the project HCiD need to be contextualized. Pharmacists are essential to contribute to this process”.

Dr. Eschaya-Chauvin’s lecture will give an excellent overview on actions of high value for community pharmacy.


FIP Masterclasses

Two brand new, one-day masterclasses will be held before the FIP congress for small groups to get an in-depth view on a topic given by experts in the field. To benefit from the early bird fee, sign up here before the first registration deadline on 15 June.


Masterclass 1: New services and products for your pharmacy

Isn’t it time to revisit your pharmacy business model? Learn how to adjust it for better patient outcomes, better health and a more successful business. Be equipped to select the perfect services and product portfolio according to the needs of your patients. Learn about innovative new services and products.


Masterclass 2: Pharmacy purchasing and procurement      

This masterclass will provide pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and other professionals with an educational opportunity on pharmacy purchasing. Learn how to negotiate, how the buyers’ market works, how wholesalers sell their products and how others work in the distribution chain to maintain product quality and integrity. Address how each participant in the chain can minimise the consequences of drug shortages.

Sign up for an FIP Masterclass to improve your skills and prepare yourself for a step up the career ladder.

For questions and more information, contact or go directly to the masterclass webpage.


First registration deadline approaching

Less than a month to go until the first congress registration deadline! Register before 15 June to save with the early bird fee.


The FIP Congress on your mobile device!


The FIP Congress mobile app 2015 is live!! Just search your app store for ‘FIP Congress’ or ‘FIP 2015’ to find and download it!

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Networking: a doorway to your next steps

Are you in the pharmacy sector and looking for ways to turn your ideas into reality, to talk about your ideas and to hear different perspectives? Networking opportunities at the FIP congress could just be the thing you need to open the right doors for you. There are numerous events and opportunities to network during the congress. Visit the FIP congress events webpage, explore this opportunity and let your ideas come to life!


Culture around the congress

The Film museum Düsseldorf, located in the Old Town of North Rhine Westphalia’s state capital, was founded in 1993. This interactive museum gives an exciting access to the world of movies, spanning from its earliest beginnings to present day. Being the only film museum in North Rhine Westphalia, it is also home to the state’s film collection. The museum’s vast archive comprises some 500,000 photographs and 25,000 posters, press kits, news clips, reviews, film programmes, scripts, dialogue lists and other production documents. For those who like movies and want to learn about film history in general, the 2015 Düsseldorf congress will be a perfect opportunity to visit this fascinating museum.


And finally …

Did you know that Germany’s first high-rise building, the Wilhelm Marx House, was built right in the heart of Düsseldorf? At 12 stories high (57m) it was one of the first skyscrapers in Europe. Düsseldorf is well known for its architectural landmarks and offers many more sights to behold. Are you looking forward to seeing the city’s beauty? We are!



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